Male Sexual Health FAQ

What Is Male Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)?

The National Institute of Health (NIH) defined impotence as: “the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance.”

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction?
Cannot have an erection hard enough or maintain long enough for penetration. For those who have Peyronie’s disease, even if they have erection the penis may be too bent or painful for penetration and cannot have normal sexual function.


What Is Considered Young Erectile Dysfunction?
Many studies have shown that as many as 50% of males over 40 years old are affected to varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. Anyone under 40, would be considered young to have erectile dysfunction.


What Are The Causes Of Male Impotence?
Erectile dysfunction has a multifactorial etiology. This includes organic, physiologic, endocrine, and psychogenic factors are involved. Pure psychogenic erectile dysfunction is uncommon; however, many patients with organic erectile dysfunction may also have a psychogenic component. Regardless of the causes, suffice it to say that erectile dysfunction is the result of inadequate arterial blood flow into the erection chambers (corpora cavernosa) or the inability of the chambers to prevent blood from flowing out during erection.


Is There Such A Thing As Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?
Yes, there is, but pure psychogenic erectile dysfunction is uncommon; however, many patients with organic erectile dysfunction may also have a psychogenic component.
What Is The Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?
The best treatment is the one that takes care of the root of the problem. First, you must take care of the patient’s general health. If he is diabetic, you must take care of the diabetes. If he has low testosterone, it must be replaced. Personal lifestyle is important. He must not drink or smoke too much. Then the problem at hand, erectile dysfunction, must be dealt with. ED is due to inadequate inflow of blood into the penis and excessive flow of blood out of the penis, or both. The ManWave treatment uses low intensity shock wave to get rid of plaques which are blocking the blood vessels. It also induces new blood vessel formation. The Priapus shot brings in a lot of growth factors, regenerative cells to the area and cause new blood vessels formation. All these rejuvenate the penis and increase the circulation to the area. More than 70% of the patients respond well to this treatment. The ones that do not, will most likely not respond to other non-surgical treatments, and these patients are most likely good candidates for penile implant surgery.


What Is Extra-Corporal Low Intensity Shock Wave (ManWave)?
ManWave is a low intensity shock wave generated by a highly sophisticated machine made by Zimmer in Germany. The waves are sent through the skin into the penis and dislodge the micro-plaques thereby unblock the blood vessels supplying the erection chambers of the penis. It also causes new blood vessels formation by a process called vascular neogenesis to improve the overall circulation of the penis facilitating a better erection. It is completely pain-free, no surgery and no drugs.


What Is A Priapus Shot?
It is a treatment invented by Dr. C. Runels consisting of injecting concentrated plasma into the erection chambers of the penis as well as the head of the penis to increase circulation resulting in better erection and sensitivity of the penis. Dr. Liu uses an enhanced version of the Priapus shot consisting of high concentration of platelets and may add Amnion as well.


What Is The Priapus ManWave Treatment?
It is a treatment protocol combining the ManWave and an enhanced PriapusShot for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
What Are The Benefits Of This Therapy?
By increasing the circulation and sensitivity of the penis, erection and sexual experience are enhanced.
Is There Any Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment? What About Natural Foods For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment? What About The Supplement Nitric Oxide? Are There Treatments Using Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction?
These are very commonly asked questions. A lot has been written about them but none of them have shown scientific answers as to their effectiveness in treating ED. Discussions include panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea, DHEA, L-arginine,nitric oxide, acupuncture, yohimbe, certain yoga posts, weight loss and so on. If you are interested in learning more, search in, and others.


Is Vacuum Pump For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Useful?
Using a vacuum pump to inflate the penis followed by a constrictive band at the base of the penis to keep the blood in the penis resulting in an erection is used by many with some success. However, this is not satisfactory to many patients and most of them discontinue using it after a few months.


Who Is A Good Candidate For A Penile Implant?
Surgeries for penile implants are very well accepted by the patients. However, it should not be considered unless all non-surgical treatments have not been satisfactory.


What Is Ultrasound Duplex Of The Penis?
It is a very advanced and sophisticated ultra sound machine, which can detect direction and velocity of blood flow inside the penis during an erection. It can help determine the severity of the erectile dysfunction by determining the amount and velocity of arterial inflow and venous outflow.


What Is Pyeronie's Disease?
PD is a condition in which plaques or scarring occur in the lining of the erection chamber of the penis, resulting in curving of the penis during erection, often accompanied by pain with or without erection. Very often the patient cannot have sexual intercourse. The cause of the disease is unknown, but likely to be the result of repeated injuries to the area causing scar formation, or it could be an auto-immune disease. Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment may consist of oral medication, direct injection of collagenase to dissolve the plaque, vacuum devices to straighten the penis, low intensity shock wave treatment together with a plasma injection or surgery to remove the plaques and straighten the penis. Often, there is concomitant erectile dysfunction and insertion of penile implant may be indicated. This is a complicated problem. If you think you may have this condition, please make an appointment to see me in my office for a free consultation. I will examine you carefully and, if indicated will do an ultrasound evaluation of your penis to see the extent of the disease and plan with you the appropriate treatment.


Why Are Penile Implants So Well Accepted By Patients Who Are Good Candidates?
Penile implants are completely invisible from the outside. The recipient can have erection at will, he can have erection for as long as desired, he can have normal sensation and can have a normal orgasm and can have normal fertility. The complication rate is low consisting mainly of infection and extrusion.


What Kinds Of Penile Implants Are Used?
There are two main types of penile implants, a semi-rigid malleable implant and an inflatable implant. The inflatable one is more satisfactory to most. However, if the patient is not dexterous enough to work on the inflation process, as in patients with severe arthritis, then a malleable implant should be considered.


What Is The Cost Of An Inflatable Implant?
All patients require different implants and is a case by case basis.